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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

How To Create A Glossy Red Apple With A Bite Using Photoshop

Need a stylish Apple icon with web 2.0 elements for your poster or booklet cover design? Well, this tutorial will show you the key steps on how exactly to do it using Adobe Photoshop. We will create something almost akin to the Apple company logo, but of course fully customizable for your own poster printing and postcard printing projects. Just make sure you read carefully so that you do not miss a step. Let us start.
1.     First setup the right background for our apple. Light and neutral colours would be a good thing for our apple to stand out. So for this example, we have set a nice light green and white gradient background. Simply use the gradient tool and adjust the colours to achieve this.

2.     Now, first we draw an apple. To do this, simply use the Ellipse tool to draw a circle first. For our purposes, we have created a red circle. Now, add two anchor points on the left and right side of the top anchor point of the circle. You can do this by using the ÒAdd Anchor Point ToolÓ on top of the text tool. Do the same anchor points for the bottom.

3.     Next move your top and bottom anchor points to create our apple shape.

4.     Next, use the ellipse tool to cut out a bite in our apple shape. To do this, you just need to hold the ALT key first whilst dragging the ellipse tool on top of our apple shape. You should see then a minus cursor sign appear and of course the shape below being cut according to what you inscribe.
5.     Great! With our shape all setup. We now go to the styling of the apple shape itself. To access the layer styles and blending options simply double click on our apple shape. In the window that opens, first click on the blending options and set your fill to 0%.

6.     Next, click on the option for inner shadow. Then, apply these settings.
a.     Blend Mode: Multiply, Color Dark Red
b.     Opacity: 50%
c.     Angle: 118 degrees
d.     Distance: 5px
e.     Choke: 0
f.      Size 18px
7.     Now, click on the inner glow option. Use the values here for the settings:
a.     Blend Mode: Normal
b.     Opacity: 52%
c.     Colour: Light Red
d.     Elements Size: 40px
e.     Quality Range: 50%
f.      Rest default

8.     Finally add a gradient overlay by clicking on its checkbox. Use a red and dark red gradient overlay by editing the gradient colours. Just click on the gradient box and edit as needed. Use the default values for the rest of the gradient options. If you think though your colours are reversed, simply click on the reverse tick box.

9.     Finally, add a 1 pixel red stroke by clicking on the stroke layer style and adding the appropriate values.
10.  Great, now we have an apple shape with some great shadow and gloss effects.

11.  Now, using the pen tool, create the leaf.  It should have four anchor points.

12.  Then, use all the same blending options that we used for the apple shape.  (Right click on the original layer and choose copy layer style. Then paste it to the leaf layer.)This time tough change all the red values to green. So all dark red settings will become dark green settings, and the same for the light reds and plain red valued. Convert them all to their green counterparts.

13.  Also you may add a part of the stalk. Again use the pen tool to use this. Paste the apply layer style to this too, and of course change the colour base values from red to brown.

14.  Great! Now you have a nice glossy apple with bite mark. Congratulations!

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  1. A Glossy red apple with a bite using photo shop is very nice and beautiful. All designs of the postcards are wonderful and meaningful.

  2. Really nice one i like it so much this is awesome and this is really great what a concept and what a idea really really wonderful

  3. Very nice and amazing glossy red apple with a bite using photo shop! All postcards have wonderful designing and looking so very interesting.

  4. Really nice....great tips and nice finished product!!


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